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Terry B.

The Wrap Guy

I love to wrap things that I care about, things I want to preserve.  So for a long time I was just playing around, trying to wrap by watching YouTube videos but never getting it just right.   That's when I decided to get vvivide certified (#00920) by top notch trainer CKWraps.   

I'm a Licensed Private Pilot whose passion is planes, boating, sports cars and being precise.   I charge less because I'm just starting out, so why pay more?

Serving Ottawa Ontario and it's surrounding area


Cars Wrap

We pride ourselves in only working with high quality Vinyl Wrap Manufacturers, like Vvivid, 3M and Avery. These films are completely safe for paint, and will not damage the surface of your car. 

Prices start at just $400

Boat Wrap

Vinyl Wraps are fully reversible. If at any point you decide you do not want to keep your wrap for longer, we can remove it within a few hours. After that you can pick a new look! 

Prices start at just $450

Interior Wrap

We stand behind our work, which is why we provide a 2 lifetime installation warranty for all of our Vinyl wraps. In addition, there is a 2 year warranty for the materials used. 

Prices start at just $300

Extension Options

Vinyl Wraps come in a great variety of colours and finishes. So it allows you to fully customize the exterior of your vehicle. Available in Gloss, Matte, Satin, Chrome, Brushed, or Carbon Fiber, you can pick the colour and finish which best represents your personality and style.

Innovative Technology

Wrap films are flexible and stretch easily to take shape of anything we apply them to. The air channels allow for air to travel under the film for an even distribution. Therefore allowing for bubble-free installation. In addition, slideable adhesive makes the film easy to manipulate and reposition.

Quick Installation

As opposed to paint, Vinyl Wraps do not have a long curing period. As a result, it allows for a quicker installation, in comparison to paint. The whole process typically takes around 3 days on average. Size and complexity of a project might slightly alter installation time. However, wraps typically don’t take more than a week.

Light Tinting
Tinted Tail or Head Lights

Tinting of tail or headlights can really change the look of a car.  I'll make sure that the look is perfect using the best materials available in the least amount of time.

Prices start at just $250

Window Tint
Window Tint

Tinting the windows of your vehicle is a great way to reduce glare and heat from the sun while enhancing your privacy and upgrading the look of your vehicle. Some customers try or consider doing it themselves to save money however window tinting is best done by an experienced window tinting professional. Although a DIY window tint can be less costly, a professional installation will save you time and be done right so that it lasts forever without bubbles and discolouration. 

Prices start at just $125

Ceramic Shield

Think of ceramic as an ultra-wax. While synthetic sealants represent a huge step forward from naturally-derived carnauba waxes, ceramics are an even bigger leap. They’re more durable, stronger, and stunningly hydrophobic. On a perfectly waxed car, water will form beads, but some ceramics are so water-repellant that you’ll see water droplets tucking up under themselves, forming little ball bearings that roll right off the car. Those droplets tend to trap dirt and oils as they roll away, meaning that a ceramic-coated car will quite literally get a wash every time it rains. And when you do take the time to wash a ceramic-coated car with soap and water, grime and debris come off a lot easier. 

Prices start at just $150

Wrap your plane!
Wrap Your Plane!

Why pay $25k to $45k for a paint job when you can pay 1/2 the price!    Plus, it'll look like new for many years to come.  I'm a licensed private pilot so I know what not to do when wrapping your plane.  Unlike what you might think, the wrap does NOT come off when flying.   Pick your colours, then enjoy the ease of maintenance and the like new look for many years to come.

Why Wrap?

Imagine changing the colour of your ride or boat without needing a paint job?  Vinyl wrap comes in over 100 different colours, with more routinely added, but more importantly it also keeps your rides appearance in pristine condition.

Your quality plane/boat/car wrap adheres to your vehicle’s body, creating a secondary shell that protects from dust, debris, bugs, and other pesky imperfections. Considering that it easily remains in place for at least three years, that significantly helps improve your vehicle’s appearance and reduces maintenance needs.

Imagine how great your plane, ride or boat will appear by avoiding scratches for several years.

Even the most persuasive paint and wax jobs can’t offer you any level of protection as vinyl wraps do every day.

If you’re tired of wasting your time waxing and re-waxing or looking at stone chips that turn to rust, then consider a vinyl wrapped car or boat.

It's easy to peel off whenever you want but what's underneath has not aged a day.

Type of wraps

Clear PPF

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

As the name implies, it protects your ride from rocks, tree sap, bird droppings, UV damage and more.  It's clear gloss or satin so the colour of your paint shines thru.   This is the most popular form of wrap and lasts the longest.   In fact, folks will get their rides wrapped another colour and put PPF on top of it since Vinyl wrap is not a protecting film.

Con/Pro: It won't change the appearance of your car, if your paint is dull or damaged, this won't improve that but if your ride is clean and shiny, PPF will keep it that way for a very long time.

Carbon Fiber Wrap

Carbon Fiber Wraps

In general, carbon fiber is utilized as an alternative to metal materials, that is very durable and strong but lightweight at the same time. Made from—as the name suggests—strands of carbon that are woven into one. The carbon fiber material isn't hard at first and must be combined with epoxy or resin before it will turn into a solid, metal-like material that is very durable while maintaining its light mass. Thus, a carbon fiber wrap is, simply put, a method to wrap the vehicle with a carbon fiber material. It's important to note that a carbon fiber wrap is not about replacing your car's body with carbon fiber, but instead, it's only about wrapping the existing body with carbon fiber. So, carbon fiber wrap is mainly about aesthetics (not functional), to give your car the carbon-fiber look without spending too much in replacing the whole body.

Con/Pro: Greatly improves the aesthetics of the car, protects the cars body and allows easier cleaning of the car surface - air bubbles may start appearing over time, it's also not easy to apply and it's not the real thing while may bother some.

Matte Wrap

Matte Wraps

Matte wraps can give your car the "trendy" look with—as the name suggests—the matte look. Unlike other wraps and finishes that tend to emphasize glossy, shiny looks, matte wraps focus on just the opposite with a "flatter" overall look. The flat, matte finish can better accentuate contours and curves of the body that might not easily be noticed when your car is with a shiny finish.   

Con/Pro: While it's can effectively cover scratches and hide imperfections, you can't buff our scratches and it can produce a chalky appearance along with showing sweat, smudges and lacks colour depth.  It also seems to attract dust and dirt.   On the positive side folks love the trendy matte look.


Satin Wraps

We can think of satin wraps as a somewhat middle ground between matte and gloss finishes. This type of wrap is commonly chosen by people who are mainly looking for a matte finish but still want a subtle gloss/shine on their car.

Con/Pro: Easier than matte wrap to keep clean, unique gloss textures, emphasizes the cars curves but with a shine.  You can't wax it, can't pressure wash it and not eye-catching.


I had the same questions that you must have, hopefully these will answer most of them, if not then reach out and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Even with extremely wet weather and harsh winter conditions in Ottawa, car wraps are built to last for years to come. Depending on the vinyl you choose, you can expect from 3 to 9 years.

It always depends on the size of car and it's design complexity but from my experience it takes anywhere from 1 to 3 days to carefully wrap your ride. 

The price of each car wrap is dependent on the size and specifications of the car you are looking to wrap. For example, car wraps for smaller cars in Ottawa tend to be less expensive than car wraps for larger vehicles. In most cases, car wrap prices range between $959.00 and $3495.00. For a free quote on a car wrap, contact us today!

We love boats!  If you're tired of looking at that dull white surface and want to add some colour to your boat, then try a wrap.  You'll never have to worry about waxing, buffing, polishing each spring just to see the boat looking dull again come fall.   You won't believe it's the same boat!

Yes, absolutely! All of our wraps come with a 2 year industry-leading warranty guarantee. If you ever have any complications with your wrap, I will be there to help you. Customer service is a top priority for me and I am committed to handling your concerns immediately.

We use Vvivid, Amery, 3M and many others to match your budget and durability.

Absolutely!   Any plane flying 12,500 feet and below can be wrapped.   As a Pilot myself, I know what not to cover and how to handle control surfaces.   You'll soon see how fantastic it is to never have your plane age and what's underneath the wrap has never aged a day.

That's the myth which has helped keep many folks from wrapping their planes.  They imagine flying along and pieces of vinyl start tearing off causing the plane to loose control.   No, the vinyl will not peel off in flight, the wrap is put on at high temperatures to prevent the wrap from coming off under any circumstances.   Indy race cars have for years been wrapped and they go over 200 mph!   The cold, the heat makes no difference.

A typical Cessna or Piper can take around 5 to 6 weeks to wrap while a diamond is much less.   The reason for the difference is the rivets on a Cessna and Piper, it takes time to cover the rivets properly.

Yes!   If your interior is looking old or faded or if there's exposed metal surfaces that you'd like to have look new again and forever more, then you'll be impressed to see how wrapping can help bring your interior back to life.

What Our Clients Say

Love the carbon fiber, excellent job!

Great way to protect my investment, the PPF is great.

I always wanted the top of my Rav to look like the new ones, two tone black and white.  Great job and fast too.

I was out there today.  It looks really good.  Nice work.. Thank you.

The plane looks brand new!  I never expected it to turn out this clean looking, like a new paint job that never fades.  Job well done!

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